Making The Most Of Your Experience To Create A Portfolio Career

Bernadette Mcdonald

Experience is a wonderful teacher. Each of us knows different things than our colleagues, even if we have the same qualifications because what we know if framed by how we have used that knowledge. Using your experiences and identifying what you are passionate about can give you an idea of what your portfolio career could look like. Here are just some of the ideas you may wish to explore:

Legal Writing and Publishing:

Author legal books, contribute to legal journals, or engage in legal blogging to share insights, expertise, and commentary on legal matters.

Legal Podcasting or Broadcasting:

Host a legal podcast or contribute to legal broadcasts, discussing current legal issues, providing analysis, and interviewing experts in the field.

Legal Project Management:

Specialize in legal project management, overseeing and optimizing legal processes to enhance efficiency and client satisfaction.

Legal Training and Development:

Develop and deliver training programs for legal professionals, focusing on skills development, continuing education, and professional growth.

Legal Analyst or Commentator:

Provide legal analysis and commentary for media outlets, contributing to public understanding of legal issues and developments.

Legal App Development:

Venture into legal tech by developing apps or solutions that address specific legal challenges, combining legal expertise with technological innovation.

Legal Compliance Consulting:

Assist businesses in ensuring legal compliance by providing consultancy services, conducting audits, and offering guidance on regulatory matters.

Legal Entrepreneurship:

Launch legal-related businesses, such as legal start-ups, online platforms, or legal consultancy firms, showcasing entrepreneurial skills within the legal domain.

Corporate Counsel:

Provide legal guidance to businesses, ensuring compliance with regulations, drafting contracts, and handling corporate legal matters.

Legal Consultancy:

Offer consultancy services to individuals and businesses, providing expert advice on legal matters, compliance, and strategic planning.

A UK lawyer’s portfolio career is not limited to traditional roles within law firms. It embraces diversity and allows legal professionals to explore various avenues, leveraging their skills and expertise in dynamic ways. If you Are thinking of designing your own legal portfolio and are not sure how or where to start, why not book an exploratory session with me

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