The Contract

The agreement between you and us for the services


Our face to face courses, online courses and webinars


What it says here only; other discussions and understandings are not apart of our contractual agreement


All fees are set out in each online course or our adverts. In house training for your firm are priced fairly and can range £1000- £1400 per day but it depends on what you want. We will always discuss prices and volume discounts etc with you so you get the best value. Payment must be made before one course starts

Intellectual Property

Yes, This is very lawyerly – basically our design, the way we teach, our slides etc is ours. Your cannot reproduce or share it. Our courses are context drawn so sharing it doesn’t help anyone.


If you or we need to cancel or rearrange, We will do what we can to reschedule. Late notice cancellations by you may cause a 100% loss of refund. always talk to us as soon as possible – We work with you.


We are all lawyers here so some disclaimers are necessary :

Our content is correct when prepared but may not have all of the information that is available on any said subject. Are aim is to facilitate and directly support you learning. Not all our courses will be identical, your input is so unable if choosing the direction of the discussions. This adds value to you, so don’t worry that you have missed out on something someone else has learned / discussed

We are not liable for clean or pressure anyone, loss of income, or any small loss that you gave as a result of attending, or missing one of our sessions


We hope that you don’t need to complain, but if you do, that’s great. your comments help us learn so we really welcome any feedback. We find that complaints are best dealt with by having a conversation, but we are happy to follow your lead and preferences

Bespoke Courses

If you ask us to make a very bespoke course, we love that! we will sit and discuss your needs with you and we need you to be clear about what you want and have an open mind to what we think you may need. Together we will do something special.


We may hold some data, see here for data protection terms

Force Majeure

Hey, what would the Terms and Conditions be and what is a force majeure clause. If you cannot comply with the contract because of some standard FM issue, its not our fault and we cant be liable but lets work together to make it a little easier

We are a team

Okay, we work with you, we are a team but that doesn’t create a legal partnership or agency agreement. If we love working together we may do more but we will have a different contract not this one

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